Thursday, August 4, 2011


Limited Edition Fine Art Reproduction
by Barbara Rosenzweig
8x10 print in a 11x14 mat - $27

Sea Grapes are the shrubs found on the tropical beaches that I've explored. They have wonderful leaves and multi-colored grape-like berries! Seeing this painting makes me dream of warm ocean currents and soft sand between my toes. This is the perfect addition to your contemporary or rustic home - or the paradise in your own room!

Glory of Autumn
"This treasury was built around the talented Angela Fehr's Sunflower..all the dazzling colors of Autumn ..rust reds and gold greens. Thank you to each of these contributors ~and all the rest I could not fit in! Beautiful!" remarked Curator Deborah Lambson of sweetwaterdesigns. I'm so pleased that she selected my "Sea Grapes" for this dazzling treasury of fine art and handmade items!


  1. Look how glorious that painting looks in have captured the light beautifully.
    I began in watercolor but my paints sadly are gathering dust as I melt glass.
    Your work inspires me to pull them out!

    ~Deborah Lambson

  2. What a super plant! Sea grapes is such a wonderful name.
    (I'm returning the compliment and following you, now:-))

  3. I also work in stained glass and it is so hard to find the right glass for perfect shading as you have in this painting. This is so lovely.

  4. Barbara, your painting is beautiful. I love the colors!

  5. This is so wonderful, I have never seen Sea grapes before. x

  6. I was just at the beach and saw these growing by the shore they are amazing plants and you've captured their wonderful essence so perfectly.


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