Tuesday, August 28, 2012

YOU ASKED FOR IT! Women in Sports Watercolor Paintings

After hearing from quite a few of you with your recommendations, I started a new series of women in in sports paintings, using the same technique I did with my "Men at Work and Play" series.

The "Runner Woman" and "Golf Woman" are a continuation of an experimental exploration into color and form. I hope that you enjoy them. I've renamed the entire series "At Work and Play."


You can Mix and Match your choice of "Runner Woman," "Golf Woman," "Tennis Man," "Baseball Man," "Man on a Bench," "Golf Man," and "Man Walking with Briefcase" into a wonderful grouping for your home or office!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Watercolor Painting - TENNIS MAN

This Tennis Player watercolor painting is part of my new series of uniquely colorful prints of Men at Work and Play. Each one that I created came with its own challenges.

In the bottom painting, you can see that I was almost finished when I realized that it just didn't have the "punch" of the others. There was too much white, too much outlining. I had to do something that gave more weight to the figure, more force in his swing.

I decided to take some photos of my husband, in the same position as the tennis player in my painting. It was fun (not for him) watching him try to balance without falling backwards! I did this to see where to put the folds in his shirt and shorts. Here's the final painting.

Almost Finished

OK, what do you think? Should I continue the series and maybe do another series with women? I'd love to hear your ideas!

To see the others in the series, check out the links below. The "Baseball Man," "Man on a Bench," "Golf Man," and "Man Walking with Briefcase" can be orgainzed in a wonderful grouping for your home or office!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Watercolor Painting - OPEN WINDOW

What better way to remember a wonderful vacation than a peaceful view of the fabulous Mediterranean Sea and mountains! With this painting you can continue to enjoy memories of this stunningly peaceful view, even after the vacation is over! I hope that you will enjoy this bit of fantasy!

by Barbara Rosenzweig

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Watercolor Painting - EXOTIC ALLAMANDA FLOWER

Here's my new painting, the exotic, tropical Allamanda Jamaican Sunset. This wonderful exotic flower grows in Australia, Florida, and the tropics. Known as Yellow Bell, Golden Trumpet or Buttercup, it belongs to the dogbane family. No matter what name it has, I loved painting it! This makes a great gift or is wonderful for you to enjoy in your own home!