Tuesday, August 28, 2012

YOU ASKED FOR IT! Women in Sports Watercolor Paintings

After hearing from quite a few of you with your recommendations, I started a new series of women in in sports paintings, using the same technique I did with my "Men at Work and Play" series.

The "Runner Woman" and "Golf Woman" are a continuation of an experimental exploration into color and form. I hope that you enjoy them. I've renamed the entire series "At Work and Play."


You can Mix and Match your choice of "Runner Woman," "Golf Woman," "Tennis Man," "Baseball Man," "Man on a Bench," "Golf Man," and "Man Walking with Briefcase" into a wonderful grouping for your home or office!


  1. Dear Barbara,
    Such awesome talent my friend!!! I am sure your admirers will appreciate them as much as me. Well done my dear!

  2. So beautiful... the colors are gorgeous. I love all your watercolors pics.

    Hawaii Art

  3. Dear Barbara,
    I have a little something for you. Come see here...


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