Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Watercolor Painting - TENNIS MAN

This Tennis Player watercolor painting is part of my new series of uniquely colorful prints of Men at Work and Play. Each one that I created came with its own challenges.

In the bottom painting, you can see that I was almost finished when I realized that it just didn't have the "punch" of the others. There was too much white, too much outlining. I had to do something that gave more weight to the figure, more force in his swing.

I decided to take some photos of my husband, in the same position as the tennis player in my painting. It was fun (not for him) watching him try to balance without falling backwards! I did this to see where to put the folds in his shirt and shorts. Here's the final painting.

Almost Finished

OK, what do you think? Should I continue the series and maybe do another series with women? I'd love to hear your ideas!

To see the others in the series, check out the links below. The "Baseball Man," "Man on a Bench," "Golf Man," and "Man Walking with Briefcase" can be orgainzed in a wonderful grouping for your home or office!


  1. I love this series Barbara
    It was interesting so see the process.
    I defenetly think you should carry it on for women or even for ladscape or flora, that could be interestin

  2. Terrific style and movement Barbara. Enjoy the weekend, x

  3. looks good. I said go on with the another series with women.

    have a great day.

  4. You are so talented. Use it and share it with others.

  5. Dear Barbara,
    How talented you are!!! Men or women, I am sure it will be beautiful.

  6. This is terrific. I'd go for more!!

  7. This is wonderful.....makes me want to take the time again to pick up a brush. So free and airy. Great job

    Watercolor Painting

  8. Thank you for sharing your art at Potpourri Friday!

  9. Wow. This is really neat! It would be cool to try and do a woman returning the serve facing him. Does that make sense?


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