Friday, February 24, 2012


Analyzing how a painting progresses is a constant process. With my little girl in the daffodils, a few things really started to bother me. For one thing, I found the small purple crocuses in the foreground distracting. For another, I don’t find the horizon of trees in the background pleasing. I will try to remove both and see if I can come up with a solution that will unify the painting and help focus more on the little girl and flowers.

Once I carefully removed layers of watercolor paint, I was able to rethink my composition. I decided to blur the background in soft greens.

Finally, I added layers of golden yellow to give a sense of light, created a shadow under the child, carefully redefined each of the daffodils, and deepened the shadows of the jacket. FINISHED!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing the decisions I made and why as I created my "Girl with Daffodils" watercolor painting!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here's a new painting that I thought you would enjoy. It's of a little girl getting ready to pick her first flower of spring - a daffodil. It's still chilly, so she has her coat on.

I'm going to show you a few steps at a time to my creative process. This really takes weeks to complete, but I'll speed up showing you the process.

Here's the beginning of the painting. I have the little girl with the start of flowers - the basic composition.

Now, I've added more color to the flowers and grass to add depth. Not sure that I am pleased with the horizon or the distracting purple crocus in the foreground.

Although the shadows on her jacket are not done yet, I want to see what a line of trees would look like in the distance at the horizon.

Don't think that I am pleased with the horizon trees yet. I'll have to think about it and work on another part of the painting.

That's all for now. I'll bring you up to date in a bit. I'd love to hear from you and learn what you think of this painting so far. Any suggestions?


Sunday, February 5, 2012


My exuberant scene shows the pure childish delight at being on the beach. I tried to capture his sense of freedom and absolute joy! This fine art print of my original watercolor painting will brighten up any child's room or a home at the shore! This is the perfect companion piece to "Girl into the Surf!"

Sand Between My Toes
Tracy from BragginRightsBath  says, "Congratulations to our featured shop: Watercolors by Barbara (and thank you for the inspiration!)" I am extremely honored to have my shop featured by this wonderful group, On Fire for Handmade!!



This elegant tablescape combines the lush colors of fresh fruit with the wonderful reflective qualities of the beautiful silver coffee pot and salt shaker. What a wonderful addition to a contemporary formal dining or breakfast room!

Is it the spring in my dream?
A beautiful collection with my Fruit and Silver Coffee Pot painting by Sigalit Alcalai from SigalitAlcalai .


This peaceful scene was captured along the Gulf of Mexico on Anna Maria Island, Forida. It imakes a great gift for the beach lover in your life or to have for your own enjoyment!

Love of My Life
TheJetty from TheJetty created this wonderful collection. Thanks for featuring my Beach Walk photo!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Have pears at the peak of ripeness - luscious fruit in all its beautiful, rich colors - right in your own home - year round! This painting will give you pleasure hanging in your kitchen!

Gems and Fine Art Under Fifty $$
These are "Finds!" from J Ramble from AllOriginalsOutlet . So happy that my Pears painting is featured here!


Daylilies are super hardy in my summer garden. I love the brilliant colors and captured them in this fine art reproduction of my original watercolor painting - the day before hungry deer made a quick meal of them!!! A wonderful gift for the flower lover in your life!

Thinking about Spring
"Planning my spring fiber work....," says Christine from SQResources of her stunning collection of handmade and fine art items. Thanks Christine for including my colorful Daylily painting!

Friday, February 3, 2012


The softly subtle colors of these Mauve Pansies will bring the garden indoors into your home!

A Pansy for your Thoughts!
dianestrunk created this collection of  "Sweet faces of spring." Thanks Diane for including my Mauve Pansies.

Spring has sprung in lavender!
"I just love the color lavender, it reminds me of spring. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do," says Linda from MyFavorsandFlowers .  I love that she included my Mauve Pansies.


This striking sunflower painting was inspired by a trip to Tuscany. I love the flower's varying shades of golden yellow with the russet browns of the seeds. Even more dazzling are the deep greens of the leaves against a royal blue sky. This painting will be a knock-out in your home, especially in Tuscan decor!

Yellow and Blue On Fire
Kaylene Sue from JardinDeLillian created this stunning collection, with my Sunflower painting!


Looking out of my window during a storm, I pictured all of the wonderful colors that could be running down it instead of gray! This painting will be stunning in your home!

Color Inspiration - Purple
"Seems to be a passion for purple this week that inspires me. Enjoy!," says Christine from SQResources . Thanks for including my Purple Rain painting!


Sitting quietly with my morning coffee, I started playing with my food - something my mother told me as a kid never to do! But the color combinations of the berries were so lovely and the arrangement so appealing, that I decided to paint this scene. My painting would look great in your kitchen or make a wonderful housewarming gift!

Forbidden Fruit!
A fabulous collection by Becky Jacobi from MyThymeCreations ! Thanks for featuring my Morning Coffee & Fruit!

Valentine's Dripped with Color
Thanks Kristi Baker from Thenibandquill for including my Morning Coffee painting in your wonderful collection!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I love to paint nature's treasures, like this whelk. A terrific and thoughtful gift for a vacation home or to create an island parasdise in your own home! This painting is a great companion piece to my Chambered Nautilus, Murex, and Sea Urchin paintings.

Beautiful Women
"My favorites for the beautiful women out there! Not too late for Valentine's Day," says ChristaHirneisenfromChristaEllen

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Bright buoys bobbing up and down in the water are a sure sign of a lobster trap below. A great addition to your nautical beach decor.

Orange You Blue About Me?
This is an absolutely stunning collection! Thanks TouchOfSilver from TouchOfSilver for including my Big Buoys!


Beach chairs with a colorful red umbrella mean Paradise! Can you picture yourself sitting there just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine? You can live this fantasy year-round in your home with this painting.

Vacation with a Fox
What a neat collection by BumStone Seller from Gumstone! Thanks for including my Beach Chairs!


For me, this painting expresses the beauty of a serenely peaceful evening sky with its pink, turquoise,and peach colors - colors that are soft and beautiful. What a wonderful fantasy, a soothing focal point for your very special room!

Freshwater Coral
NaLa from jewelrybyNaLa  created this stunning collection of coral handmade and fine art items, like my "Pink Sunset" painting.