Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Fine Art Photograph
by Barbara Rosenzweig

"Sunset with Palm Tree" is a fine art photograph that highlights the gorgeous colors of early evening on the Gulf of Mexico. This was taken on Anna Maria Island in Florida and will make a great addition to a vacation home, as well as that special place in your room or office!

Linked to Alphabe-Thursday.

Orange Sunsets
"Who doesn't love looking at a sunset. And I so love the colors in a sunset. They remind me of fall. ENJOY!," says Curator Heidi Erb from Firegems2010 of her absolutely stunning collection. My "Sunset with Palm Tree" fits right in!

Summer Beach
Curator Michelle of ELEVEN13 created this wonderful collection of beach-related handmade gifts. So glad that she included my "Sunset with Palm Tree" to mark the end of a summer's day!


  1. Oh, to sit under that Palm tree and watch the sun set would be such a joy!

  2. Sunsets are so lovely to experience, especially in reality. I guess the second best way to enjoy them is via a lovely photograph such as you have given us. Thankfully, I have the Pacific only three miles from my door and I have also enjoyed the setting sun at some of the most wonderful locales in the world.

    My Alphabe Thursday is at:

  3. I hate being so far from the ocean...first six years of my life, I spent near the ocean, born almost over the ocean in Florida, lived all over in Florida and's torture living 8 hours from the coast. My last ocean sunset was at age 13, on a vacation to Cocoa Beach, FL. It is so lovely.


  4. I love this one - almost as much as I love the hydrangea watercolors you've done! :)

  5. I'm packing my bags and heading there! I NEED that sunset!!

  6. love your picture Wish I was there

  7. I love sunsets. We had a pretty spectacular one here tonight, but no ocean beneath it :(

  8. I'm with Judy! I'm on my way. That sunset is spectacular! I can feel the cool breeze from the ocean on my face now!

    The outline of the palm fronds is really gorgeous.

    Thanks for a spectacular link to the letter S this week.



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