Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Framed Original Watercolor Painting
by Barbara Rosenzweig

Serenity, solitude, and peace, with greens and blues, are the feelings I had when I painted this scene. With the small boat pulled up to the shore, pine trees back to the horizon, a lake reflecting the blue sky, what can be a better place for relaxation? This framed original watercolor would be wonderful in a rustic vacation home, as well as a sophisticated apartment!

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The way the light falls each season....
Etsy Fine Artwork Fresh Finds
This stunning treasury is curated by Karen of boxerlovinglady who shares the majesty of our beautiful wilderness areas throughout the seasons. The fine artwork she selected captures the awe and emotions these sites inspire. It's an honor that my "Secluded Lake" was included here.


  1. I just commented on someone else's blog that green and blue are complementary and very calming.

  2. WoW! Beautiful painting.
    I can imagine myself lying on the grass, hands behind my head, eyes closed in a complete zen-like state and all my troubles just slipping away.

    Fantastic scenery!

  3. How fortunate you are to have such a gift. Recreating beauty like that must be a wonderful feeling!


  4. I'm always amazed by how detailed a painting can be. Just a few simple lines and colors can say so much!

  5. I've been thinking that I would like to rent a little cabin by a lake for a weekend or so and just read and relax.

    This one looks perfect!

  6. What a lovely painting! This would make a nice greeting card, you know? Do you turn your paintings into prints so you can do this? The lady who did the art work for my children's book has done this sort of thing.

    Check it out…Q is for Quiet Time
    50 Q&A, Part 4 of 5l
    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  7. Lovely scene Barbara, you painting is wonderful.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - the flower you asked about is a viburnum.

  8. That scene is gorgeous! Very peaceful looking, a place I would enjoy visiting :)

  9. Such a lovely piece, Barbara!

  10. I could imagine myself drifting across that lake in a kayak. Beautiful.

  11. Watercolor. Oh delicious, delicious!

    This is a glorious, peaceful rendition of a place I wish I was right now!

    Thanks for quite a lovely link for the letter Q.



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