Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Botanical Watercolor
Fine Art Reproduction
by Barbara Rosenzweig

Strong and vibrant, these tropical colors make this painting of an exotic bromeliad plant a real knockout! It will be a sensation in you sunroom, guest room, vacation home - any special place where you want a bright punch of color!

Tropical, my favorite word!
Curator Kaye Husko of koregon created this colorful collection of tropical delights for your enjoyment! You can check each out in the mosaic below.


  1. Hi Barbara, I also like the word "tropical" and love dreaming about tropical vacations! I used to always have a bromeliad plant in my home. I killed off too many of them! :( Thanks for stopping by the other day and for your kind comment. xo,

  2. Oh Barbara, this is gorgeous! You are so very talented. I love the vibrant colors you used here. Enjoy the weekend! Anne

  3. Barbara, just wonderful colours and would brighten up any room.Tropical, means so many things..yes a daydreamy word.


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