Saturday, August 20, 2011


Original Framed Watercolor Painting
by Barbara Rosenzweig

The unique Chambered Nautilus has beautifully intricate patterns of brown jagged lines against its cream-colored shell with a pearlized "eye." This original watercolor painting makes a unique gift for a vacation shore home, especially when grouped with my other shell paintings! Or you can create a tropical paradise right in your own home!

A Walk by the Sea
"Inspired by VintageRoseShop's feather pendant necklace: a walk along the seaside in autumn," say Curator Julie of mirthmarket. The aqua and turquoise colors of this treasury make it exquisite! I'm thrilled that my "Chambered Nautilus" original painting was included here.

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  1. Chambered Nautilus paintings are considered a unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusion and expression of oneself. Another item that is great for gifts.


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