Thursday, July 7, 2011


Beach Landscape Limited Ed Matted Watercolor Print
By Artist Barbara Rosenzweig

Sea Grapes are the shrubs found on the tropical beaches that I've explored. They have wonderful leaves and multi-colored grape-like berries! Seeing this painting makes me dream of warm ocean currents and soft sand between my toes. This is the perfect addition to your contemporary or rustic home - or the paradise in your own room!

Finding Fine Art Friday- Shades of Green

"Green is a color of freshness, peace and growth. What a wonderful color to add to your walls!" said Curator Carol DeMumbrum of cdemum. She included my "Sea Grapes" as one of the green fine art paintings from the FindingFineArt Etsy Team. 

Seaside Marginals
Amy, of NaturalVintage, is the curator of this creative collection! The beautiful greens and earth tones make this visually appealing. My "Sea Grapes" fit right in with this lovely theme!


  1. Beautiful. I've never heard of a sea grape before.

  2. Barbara's painting(and subject)captured me with it's beauty, style and expression. I had never seen Sea Grapes before and I was enchanted. I was inspired to find other expressions about plants that are also tolerant of the conditions needed to live by the sea (sand, salt, high winds). Thanks for sharing this collection Barbara! =)


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