Thursday, July 21, 2011


Fine Art Photography by Barbara Rosenzweig

Beach Walk at Sunset is a fine art photograph that conveys the serenity of walking on a Gulf of Mexico beach. This was taken on Anna Maria Island in Florida and will make a great addition to a shore house.

Vacation Of My Dreams
"We each have our dream vacation. May you take your vacation through my treasury of dreams," says Curator Jeanne Wolf of WhitelightPhotograph her wonderful selections. A sunset walk, shown in my photograph, is certainly my dream vacation!


  1. There are some wonderful places here! My favorite places to vacation are nature related. I do love walking on the beach--day or night.

  2. Barbara,

    The flower on my header is the Matilija poppy, native to Calfiornia and northern Mexico. I had never seen the flower until last year ( I've lived in the SF area for 30 years now ) when I went to the Botanical Garden. It is unbelievable. I've read several articles on it and it is really interesting. The seeds are very difficult to germinate as they seem to need a fire to sprout! They do well in areas that have had a forest fire. Once started, though, they usually do very well.

    Check out the links. They grow to five feet or more!

  3. That photo is so story book beautiful, that I can easily put myself in the walker's place and feel the cooling evening air, hear the water licking the shore......lovely!

  4. Walking the beach at sunset is DEFINITELY high on my list of favorite things to do. Wonderful capture.

  5. Oh, a beach walk at sunset would be heavenly! Your photo captures the essence of the moment perfectly.


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