Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 Limited Edition Watercolor Art Print
By Artist Barbara Rosenzweig

It looks like my little boy is a hit with those creating the beautiful Treasury collections. This exuberant scene shows the pure childish delight of this child at being on the beach. I tried to capture his sense of freedom and absolute joy! It will brighten up any child's room or a home at the shore!

Oh I do want to be beside the seaside
"Up until a couple of months ago I saw the sea everyday. Now I have moved to the SW of France and miss the sparkling blue sea and soft dreamy sand. I hope you enjoy this treasury of the etsylush team and that it reminds you of lazy hazy summer days," says Curator of ThruALens. My little boy ads the perfect touch of seaside delight!

To the Beach
Curator of littlebugjewelry did a wonderful job including all of the items you'd need for the beach, including a little boy dashing for joy into the surf!

Life's a Beach
"Given the choice of going anywhere for fun & relaxation, the beach would win hands down every time. People watching, dog walking, collecting sea shells and sand dollars, the distinct smell of Coppertone sun's all good," says Curator of ViolaBlush.


  1. Being from Florida your art speaks to me. That little boy could be my grandson. You do such beautiful work!~Ames

  2. I love love love going to the beach, especially the Jersey shore! Your painting is excellent...I have a vision of my little girl being your next subject. :0)

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