Sunday, January 1, 2012


In a surprise early snow, some trees on the mountains still have their leaves, but the birch trees are already bare. This majestic painting will create a peaceful, serene corner right in your home!

Catching My Breath....               
"After the busy-ness of the holidays I feel the need to unwind a bit, slow down, feel peace, catch my breath," says Anne MalonefromCreativeSpiritGlass. A very relaxing, calm collection.

Awaiting Midnight
"We stayed up to toast in 2012 with a campfire. While awaiting the magic hour, I did a little exploration with some of my favorite word colors and here is a collection of my favorite things. Happy New Year," says Shelley Macdonald from shelleymacdonald . I'm so happy that my Birch Trees in Winter painting is a part of this New Year's collection!

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  1. Happy New Year Barbara! Your birch tree painting is beautiful!


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