Monday, October 31, 2011


The pomegranate is mentioned in ancient texts of the Bible and Homer. It's valued for its beauty and versatility as a fruit with medicinal qualities, It also is a symbol of prosperity, fruitfulness, and ambition, with many myths and religious meanings ascribed to it. That's what drew me to create this watercolor, showing the stunning fruit growing on its small tree. I hope that you enjoy the fine art reproduction made from my original painting.

G is for Gift Guide on Fire
JimAndGina from JimAndGina created this wonderful collection of handmade and fine art to help with your holiday shopping!


  1. This is beautiful. Good enough to eat.

  2. Where I grew up people were not so familiar with pomegranates but there was one boy who would bring one to school for lunch every day. I could never figure out how he would want to eat something with so many seeds, lol. But now I am grown and I love pomegranate juice, ready squeezed and just add water and ice.

    Your painting is so nice and captures the beauty and the colour of the pomegranate.

  3. Pomegranates!One of the best fruits around.Beside its beauty,its tasty juice is known to lower high blood pressure and is used for cosmetic purposes too! As for your art - it seems you know how to bring out the soul from this fruit!Gorgeous painting!


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