Sunday, October 9, 2011


by Barbara Rosenzweig

Another example of Nature's treasures from the Sea! The lasting color, the beautiful shape, the bumpy texture where its spines were attached, makes this sea urchin skeleton a facinating sea creature. This fine art reproduction of my original watercolor painting makes a unique gift for a shore home, especially when grouped with my other shell paintings!

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Merlot and Lime
"Merlot and Lime join in this treasury as a surprise duo to show that they can look absolutely magnificent when combined. Take a moment to enjoy each creation that shows these two colors really do look great together," says curator Marge Mills.


  1. Thanks for your visit and comment at my blog. Yes, the kale is indeed bitter and I've not grown up eating it. That is why I look for ways to eat it. I've eaten quite a lot of it over the past year. You'll note the evidence of other "tastes" in the salad recipe to give it some "sweetness".

  2. Yes. So beautiful. Thank you, my friend.


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