Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"Sunset with Pelican" is a Fine Art Photograph that shows the brilliance of a dramatic orange sky. The pelican adds a wonderful dimension to this Gulf of Mexico scene. This photo was taken on Anna Maria Island in Florida and will make a great addition to your home.

I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
"Such a grey and cloudy December day......My dreams of sunshine will have to be fulfilled in this 'radiant' collection!" says Bonnie from BLBPhotografia . My Sunset photo is in excellent company!

Akuna matata
"What a wonderful world!" says Stephanie of her fabulous collection. I'm thrilled to have my Sunset with Pelican included here!


  1. Beautiful shot! what a camera you must have. *o*

  2. what a beautiful picture oh to feel the warmtyh of the sun at the moment.
    I love the snowman painting as well. Thank you for visiting and following I cant promise to be exciting every day but will do my best

  3. Loving your beautiful photograph Barbara. x


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