Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ann Drake of On Sutton Place is hosting a wonderful giveaway of one of my Limited Edition matted prints. There are 3 ways to win and you can do ALL 3 to have a better chance!! Check out her blog to see the six paintings you can choose from if you WIN!

1.     Become a follower of Ann's  On Sutton Place. Let her know in a comment. If you are already a follower, let her know that, too!

***2. Visit my website Watercolors by Barbara. Return here to my blog and comment on which watercolor is your favorite.

. Mention this giveaway in a post with a link back to her blog and let her know in a comment.
The winner will be announced on both blogs on Monday, May 9th.

OK, if you really can't wait to see which paintings are offered, here they are!!


  1. I just keep coming back and looking because I love them all!! The hycinth might be starting to edge to the front of the pack SLIGHTLY! But, then there are the pears and the beach scene... so many wonderful choices! LOL!

  2. Barbara, each painting is beautiful! Think I like the Hydrangea and Pear paintings the best, probably because I love to paint and photograph flowers and fruit myself! Oh, thank you so much for following my blog!

  3. These are beautiful paintings! Love them all but the mango still life and the pears bring a smile to my face! Thanks! ~Tammy

  4. Lovely art here!!
    Glad to have found you to follow!

  5. Hi from your newest followr!
    beautiful art..
    hope I'm not too late!!
    visited your gallery..
    Hydraenga is my fave..
    am following Sutton Place..
    you and I have much in common..
    look for a private email!!
    warmest sandy hugs.

  6. To create your own mosaic, go to and click on mosaic maker. There are several styles to choose from. Select one that you like and follow the steps. I messed around with it for a bit to find the effects I like and it varies depending on the subject of the mosaic I am creating. Have fun with it.

    I'd like to enter your contest too. I like the Beach Chair and Sarong Landscape.


  7. Very nice style of aquarel painting.

  8. Re: Big Huge Labs. Yes, I should have mentioned you need to make an account, which costs nothing. Then you can log in and create your mosaics. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the creation to be visible. Then you can edit it further or save it.


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