Wednesday, October 16, 2013

White Hibiscus Flower Watercolor Painting

© 2013 Barbara Rosenzweig, Watercolor Painting
11x14 matted to 16x20 $52
8x10 matted to 11x14 $37
sold matted for standard size frames 
I had so much fun making the many shadows on my "Yellow Hibiscus" watercolor painting (, that I knew one day I would paint a white hibiscus! That "day" has come (it actually took quite a long time to create this) and you can check out the results for yourself.
As you can see, the brilliant shadows really stand out against the white petals. I love vibrant, rich color! To create this "Mingling" effect, place the first color at one corner of the shadow and, while it is still wet, quickly clean your brush, load with another color, and lightly touch the edge of the brush to the previous color. Then watch the magic begin as the paints blend to form wonderful patterns! Continue this process until the shadow is complete and use this method wherever the mingling works best for the painting.
I became so fascinated with this process and its wonderful results, that I created an entire series of painting using ONLY the Mingling technique. You can see this in my experimental Sports Series. 
Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, grab a children's watercolor set or get one at the dollar store, and just have fun trying this out!


  1. What a beautiful work of art!

  2. Beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing your tip on how you did that. It would be fun to try.

  3. I like the effect you created. This turned out well.

  4. How pretty!!! I love painting as well. I came from Jenny's letter V party. I have an art blog, too: I didn't share a V post there though but on my other blog. I will have to check out your lesson on painting. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. I really like your results....while i'm not into painting, i love photography and the creative outlet it brings out. My letter V:


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