Saturday, December 15, 2012

IBIS BEACH BIRD - Watercolor Painting

by Barbara Rosenzweig
One of the blessings of being at a Florida beach is getting to see the elegantly stunning American White Ibis. Feathers blowing in the wind, salmon-colored legs and beak reflecting in the shallow surf, and eyes searching for the next meal in the blazing Florida sun make this painting spectacular! Whether decorating your home or given as a gift, it will be beautiful in any setting.


  1. This is a wonderful painting! I adore the colours!!

  2. Very creative, beautiful bird for the letter "I."

    I have a few birds too. Come visit my flock in Vermont when you have chance:
    Happy New Year!

  3. I wonder if we have ibis here. There are birds that look very similar on the manmade lakes around.

    I'll have to google about it.

    Thanks for a beautiful and interesting link for the letter 'I'.



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