Friday, June 10, 2011


Floral Original Framed Watercolor Painting
By Artist Barbara Rosenzweig

My "Star Gazer Lily" has softly colorful shadows on its red spotted, white petals. I loved painting the gold and red background that helps make this elegant painting a real knockout! This original framed floral painting will be a fabulous addition to your luxorious home!

Owners of gringrimaceandsqueak wrote that this is "An Etsy Lush team treasury celebrating some spectacular finds." about their wonderful collection of  jungle-themed handmade items, including my "Star Gazer Lily" painting.


  1. I love this lily,, one of my favorites,, I also love painting lillies, thanks for sharing this,,

  2. I planted Star Gazers for the first time this year - can't wait to see them in bloom, like yours!

  3. love your paintings. thank you for the visit and for linking up. i linked you back.


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