Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Fine Art Photograph
by Artist Barbara Rosenzweig

Beach Walk at Sunset is a fine art photograph that conveys the serenity of walking on a Gulf of Mexico beach. This was taken on Anna Maria Island in Florida and will make a great addition to a shore house.

"Dedicated to the beauty of nature and the wonder of wildlife. No one can resist the magnificance of our environment and our need to preserve its purity. We all need to be guided by our environmental awareness and critical of those who detroy it." So says Curator Vince of TellTaleCreatrions. I think that she has an important message here and has illustrated it with wonderful fine art photography, including my "Beach Walk at Sunset."

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For Thursday 2 Questions - You are invited to answer and join:

1. What helps you to relax the most?
  • I love to walk on the beach when I can. It brings my blood pressure way down!
2. What usually gets in the way of your enjoying peaceful moments?
  • Trying to answer all of my emails.


  1. A gorgeous photo!
    You asked what type of flower I had on my Mellow Yellow post for this week---it is a Gerbera Daisy.
    Have a great week!

  2. Oh I wish I was there on that beach...I haven't been to the ocean for a few years now. We used to go to Hilton Head every year but stopped a few years ago when our kids got too busy. So beautiful. I am making progress on my kitchen and have hung your beach chairs print. Will send photos when I get the doors up!

  3. Beautiful Barbara. Where did you take that photograph?~Ames

  4. Gorgeous captures - the first especially. Nice!

  5. Sunsets are always beautiful!


    I found you via MYM and now I'm your newest follower!

  6. A beautiful painting. We all have to remember our responsibility for the environmental legacy we're leaving for our grandchildren.

  7. What a lovely photograph! A beautiful composition and reminds me of so many lovely coastlines I have visited at sunset. Just stunning!
    Sue xx

  8. Fantastic photo, and such beautiful sunset.

  9. I love your beach sunset photograph and your beach paintings are wonderful.

    1. Actually, taking photographs of my garden for my blog I find very relaxing.

    2. The knowledge that washing, ironing and housework should be done, get in the way of my peaceful moments.

  10. I love walking on the beach, there is nothing more relaxing to me. Unfortunately where we live now the beach is six hours away. The trails at our local parks are the next best thing. Getting out into nature with my camera is super relaxing.

    Usually a ringing phone or schedules.

  11. Your follower's widget isn't working all day for me. :-(

  12. Listening to meditation music, taking pictures, and writing helped me relax.

    People's behavior, bad attitude, and loud usually interrupting my peaceful mind.

    Beautiful photo!

  13. This is beautiful. You are very talented!


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