Monday, April 4, 2011


                                          "Double Devil's Trumpet"
                     Botanical Limited Edition Matted Watercolor Print
                                      By Artist Barbara Rosenzweig

In creating this unique fantasy collection, Curator Jacqueline Veach of YoungHeartWhimsy says, "Fairies, faeries everywhere. Seen in dreams. Seen indoors. Seen outdoors. Seen in a boat. Seen in a river, lake, and pond. Seen when looking. Seen with Playsilks, frogs, Bird of Paradise and zebra with many rainbow colors. Fairies "painted" them so beautifully. Faeries seen in love. You were about to tell me they don't exist? Why I am surprised! Etsians, please look for them below." I'm so pleased that she included my Double Devil's Trumpet painting!

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  1. Oh wow Barbara, your painting is truly wonderful. I feel as if I could stroke it and smell it......bliss. Annette x


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