Friday, February 18, 2011


Original Still Life Watercolor Painting
By Artist Barbara Rosenzweig
8 x 10 - $210 + shipping

This delightful collection of crabby items was curated by the owner of SaturatedColor.
I was delighted to have my Original Watercolor Painting, "Crab Blue Plate Special" (8x10 - $170) included in this whimsical selection.

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  1. Love your crab on a blue plate Barb! It reminds me of many a crab I've eaten over the years. I'm a native of NOLA and I've spent my life along the Gulf Coast (Miss, AL, and FLA). I have family just about everywhere on the coast. Boiled crabs and shrimp is food for the gods as far as I'm concerned. DEELISH! Thanks again! I'm going to keep an eye on your shop. You are a very talented lady. Thanks again, Beth


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