Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brown Pelican Seashore Bird Wildlife Painting

I just love watching this fabulous bird! It gracefully glides over the water, dives to catch a fish, then perches contentedly to digest its meal.
What a challenge to paint it, too! This time, I wanted to make the plumage realistic, but not show each feather. The light is important, showing the shadows without hiding the details is a bit tricky!
I hope that you enjoy this portrait of the Brown Pelican and will find the perfect spot in your home for it! Isn't he majestic?!


  1. The shadows and the plumage are exquisite!

    Such a majestic bird. Beautiful.

  2. Nothing I like better than art work. You do an amazing job on yours. Looks like he might reach out and peck me.

  3. This is gorgeous, Barbara. My husband loves pelicans. When we visit Florida he just goes all silly with his camera.

  4. I agree, this is gorgeous! There is something about this pelican painting that draws and keep your eyes on it.


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