Saturday, April 7, 2012


I absolutely love this season! With the perfect spring weather, it’s almost a pleasure to do the limited weeding that’s ahead. I say, “limited,” because with the strategy of NO MULCH, JUST GROUNDCOVER, I have very little weeding to do. By planting periwinkle (Vinca minor) in all of my garden beds, I’ve eliminated the mulching that I had been doing for over 30 years. All of my bulbs and perennials come up through it and the groundcover keeps in the moisture, preventing roots from drying out, even in the heat of summer. If you aren’t already doing this, you may want to give it a try – maybe only in a small portion of your garden, as a test patch. 

Red with Yellow Tulips

Grape hyacinths, tulips, heuchera, roses and narcissus growing through the periwinkle.
Bleeding Hearts, violets, and other perennials among the periwinkle.

When the first daffodils appeared, I painted this little girl trying to decide which flower she would choose. She's reaching for one, but looking at another! I hope that you enjoy her, along with my "Yellow Daffodil" painting!
"Girl with Daffodils" by Barbara Rosenzweig

"Yellow Daffodils"

Garden Tips for this Month:
  • Some of the plants that may be divided now are primrose, bleeding hearts, asters, primrose, iris, daylilies, and chrysogonum. This is best done before they get too large, avoiding excessive wilting or death.
  • To make plants bushier, cut back beautyberry, roses, St. John’s Wort, buddleia, and caryopteris in late March, early April.
  • Remove “weeds” (any plants that you do not want growing where they appear) as soon as you see them. One man’s weeds are another’s valued garden addition!



What are your favorite spring gardening tips?


  1. I love the daffodil painting.
    I will try periwinkle. I get fed up of weeding and with quite a large garden, the job is never ending! I'd be very happy with a ground cover plant, but don't the weeds also grow through it?

  2. What terrific jonquils you captured here!

    I like mulching with ground cover, too. It sure conserves water, too!

    Hope your Friday is going fantastic!

    Thank you for linking up.



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