Friday, December 11, 2015

Rainbow Animal Watercolor Painting Series

I've been so excited with my new rainbow animal watercolor paintings that I forgot to give you updates along the way! I'll try to make up for that. Once I finished painting the Rainbow Zebra Fantasy, I started right away on a giraffe. It was so much fun letting the colors beautifully mingle one right into the other in each patch on the giraffe's body! ...and I just loved its eyelashes!!

After completing the zebra and giraffe watercolors, I thought that creating an elephant would be a neat challenge. There would be no specific, realistic body patterns to work from this time. Once I had my drawing, I decided to just go for it letting one color blend into the next. The trick here is to avoid making mud, so between laying down each color, I cleaned my brush. What do you think of this magical creation?

With so much in the news lately about pandas, I thought that it was about time that I created my own! This was a bit different from the other animals since it had long, thick dark fur with some large patches of almost white. To give this panda volume and shape, I used subtle shading of color along the ridge of the back and between its eyes.

The latest in my new series is the hippo. I can't believe how much fun this journey is! Hope that you're enjoying it, too!

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