Monday, May 13, 2013

Egret Heron Bird Art Print of Original Watercolor Painting

"Great White Egret Reflections"
The amazing Great White Egret, also known as the Great White Heron, is absolutely elegant! I couldn't resist painting its reflection in the rippling blue water.
This watercolor painting went through many stages. At first, I envisioned pale colors in the water.
As I worked, I started to think about DRAMA. I added more colors to the reflection, more definition to the ripples.
Instead of having the water continue to the top of the paper, I decided to make a misty horizon to bring the focus more on the bird and its reflection.
Now it was necessary to make the ripples wider at the bottom of the painting so that they wouldn't be distracting and would allow the eye to see the bird better. Also, I concentrated on adding feathers to the head and back. To give it a more realistic look, I added more of the beak to the reflection and defined the eye in the reflection. Finally, I accentuated the reflection more and dragged the water color through the reflection to give it depth. Below is the final painting.
I'd love your feedback and to hear what you think of this latest bird painting. I seem to be really attracted to them!